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  1. Katherine

    What services do you offer to your client to become NIST compliant?

    How much does it cost and how long does it take?
  2. Katherine

    NIST 800-171 and 800-53

    Are they the same? Different? Similar? I think I saw that if you are 800-53 compliant you're automatically 800-171 compliant, too. Is that true?
  3. Katherine

    Just how does the government expect us to do this on our own?

    If it’s practically impossible for a business to become NIST compliant on their own, how come the government doesn’t help more? I mean, it seems like this is a really difficult task.. Don’t THEY care about the security of their citizens’ data?
  4. Katherine

    Phisihng or Fishing?

    What is a phishing email? Did you mean “fishing?”
  5. Katherine

    Is this trend here to stay?

    Is it true that hackers are targeting contractors and municipalities? Why?
  6. Katherine

    Why do so many companies refuse to become NIST compliant?

    With so many massive breaches, why do you think practices refuse to take the steps they need to take to become NIST compliant?
  7. Katherine

    Has anyone actually been through a NIST audit and NOT been fined?

    In other words, is it actually POSSIBLE to be 100% compliant, without hiring a professional?
  8. Katherine


    What happens if we purchase your services and we get attacked by a hacker?
  9. Katherine

    What’s Blockchain security?

    What’s Blockchain security?
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